Concept | De Centrum City


De Centrum City is a township built on the inspiration of “new urbanism” – an aspiration towards a people-friendly development that incorporates green ideas, sustainability, easy accessibility, a communal living, and engaging healthy lifestyles.
Picture a township where every development intentionally supports the existence of the other. Imagine a place so modern and deliberate in its facilities yet so meticulous and generous in its landscaping. Visualise a future where infrastructure is so refined that walking or cycling can be a means of travelling anywhere within the township without crossing paths with vehicle traffic.
A Sky Linear Garden forms an artery of green throughout the city where walking and cycling is not only encouraged but is intended to be a wonderful experience with exhilirating landscapes that brighten your trip. The township integrates urban form and nature, with the Waterfront, a man-made lake, and the Central Park adding space for outdoor activity by the local community, a ready platform for healthy living. Being a part of De Centrum City isn’t about being confined to concrete cages but rather living in landscapes designed upon natural harmonics.
De Centrum City serves its residents within itself whilst enriching its surrounding mature townships. It is fashioned to make your home or business a part of a bigger picture, that is an extension of the benefits of your investment. Couple this with its prime location, De Centrum City is destined to be a township with a sought after address.
De Centrum City.
This is tomorrow’s city. Here today.